The Walworth Barbour American International School believes that technology is a tool to improve teaching and learning, develop critical thinking skills. All WBAIS students achieve a high level of technology literacy as it is integrated into the curriculum whenever feasible and constructive.

Classroom equipment is not only at the highest quality level, but is also utilized to its full potential with the support of the technology department. With 21st century learners, the lecture structure is no longer effective without the use of technology. As such, every classroom at AIS is equipped with digital HDMI projectors that are capable of streaming content from a centralized digital database, as well as directly from teacher and student devices. Elementary and middle school students are provided with iPads or Macbooks while high school students are part of a bring-your-own-laptop program for their studies.

WBAIS supports learning and home to school communication through a variety of information systems such as GoogleApps, PowerSchool and Moodle. These applications allow efficient school-wide communication specifically between teachers and students and parents and teachers. Students display their work on blogs and can find their assignments and class notes online as well as additional resources to enhance their learning.

With a combination of effective practices and knowledgeable guidance, WBAIS provides a leading education through seamless technology integration.