The mission of WBAIS is to educate and prepare students for engagement in a changing world. We use technology as a tool to achieve this mission. We harness the power of technology to make learning relevant to the world students live in today as well as to prepare students to thrive in an ever-changing and dynamic, global society. Transformative and innovative teaching grounded in sound pedagogical practice drives the use of technology; our technology integration specialists work closely with teachers to find meaningful and creative approaches to teaching and learning that leverage and maximize the use of technology.

The ubiquitous nature of technology and its meaningful integration in teaching and learning enables our students to develop the skills necessary for:

  • communicating effectively in multimodal formats
  • engaging and collaborating with a diverse and worldwide audience
  • acquiring and critically evaluating new information
  • living healthy and productive digital lives
  • creating and sharing new knowledge through the use of media-rich projects
  • solving problems through tinkering, coding, robotics and more

Students across divisions are provided with opportunities to explore and engage with the tools and resources available through coursework, learning spaces, and extra-curricular activities such as video production, digital photography, and 3D design. The Makerspace is available for young learners to solve problems through experimentation and discovery. Students apply the design process utilizing both high tech (e.g. 3D printer) and low tech (e.g., cardboard) tools.

In addition, we work closely with students to promote responsible digital citizenship and use of technology. Digital citizenship is woven into the curriculum and collaboratively taught by counselors, technology integrators, and teachers. And while we understand and embrace the ever-present nature of technology, we also appreciate the importance of keeping health and balance in mind.

Technology Tools and Coursework

Elementary School

Each student in Kindergarten through 3rd grade is provided with a school-purchased iPad that remains in school. Students regularly use the iPads to document learning, to create media rich artifacts, and to share their knowledge in creative ways. Each student in 4th and 5th grade is provided with a school-owned Macbook to use at school. The Upper Elementary students learn keyboarding skills and more in depth research skills. Each student from Pre-K to Grade 5 uses Seesaw, a digital learning journal, to document and share their learning across the curriculum with their parents. Digital citizenship is a central component in the curriculum. Lessons from Common Sense Media and Google’s Be Internet Awesome are integrated into the general classroom.

Middle School

The Middle School 1:1 Laptop Program provides each student in grades 6-8 with a school-purchased Macbook to use at school and at home. Students continue to learn about and to develop their digital literacy skills within the classroom. This includes G-Suite applications and optional coursework in coding, robotics and video editing. Students maintain digital portfolios to post reflections on their learning for an authentic audience. Digital citizenship is a central component in the curriculum. Lessons from Common Sense Media are integrated into core classes as well as Middle School advisories where students acquire a larger skill set in maintaining:

  • a safe and secure online presence
  • healthy online relationships
  • positive digital footprints
  • a balanced online and offline presence

High School

In the High School students bring a family owned laptop to school. Students routinely research information, analyze data, communicate and collaborate on assignments. In Health & Wellness and Life Skills courses, students continue to learn critical skills and attributes that are required to thrive in a digital world. HS students have a range of technology-rich courses from which to choose including:

  • Computer Applications
  • Computer Science
  • AP Computer Science
  • Web Design
  • Digital Hardware
  • Digital Art & Design

Students can join the Robotics Club which competes every year in a global robotics competition, FIRST.

High school students provide technology support to the greater AIS community through the Genius Bar club. This organization is open to all high school students.