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If you are feeling sick...

Have a fever (>38c / 100f) and/or any upper respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath) or symptoms similar to flu (headache, muscle pain and fatigue) diarrhoea, loss of appetite, skin rash and change of smell and/or loss of taste.  

Stay home, avoid going out doors under any circumstances and separate yourself from other household members.

Call the Covid-19 hotline at the MOH *5400 for specific instructions. Alternatively call your Individual Kupah Number. 

If it is an emergency, call the MDA Emergency Services at 101.

  • WBAIS Nurses are available to guide you and answer any medical questions, concerns or issues that you may have. 


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Testing Free of charge:

  1. MINISTRY OF HEALTH – Call *5400; press 2 – Extended Waiting times until someone answers, as long as 30 minutes.  If the MOH deem that testing is necessary, they will most likely send someone to your house within 48 hours.  MOH will send you an SMS (in Hebrew) letting you know that you will be contacted by someone to schedule testing. Results can take as long as 3-4 days to get back. 

Private Labs that do testing:

  1. ICHILOV HOSPITAL – Weizman 6, TelAviv. Ofer Building, 2nd floor. Go to “Executive Medical Services”. Take a ticket and wait your turn. Bring Passport and Credit Card. Cost 445 shekels per test. Will receive results between 24-48 hours.  Not sure if this will be reimbursed by your insurance.  Worth calling your insurance company to find out
  2. HADDASSAH EIN KEREM – Clinic in Ramat Gan (near TelAviv)Ramat Gan Bursa near the Diamond Exchange;  Beit Gibor Sport, 7 Menachem Begin Street, 7th floor
    Offers COVID16 PCR testing and Antibody testing.
    Must make an appointment. Call 03-607-7222 (or *3811). May be difficult to reach.  Results should come within 72 hours. Cost for COVID testing = 515 shekels; cost for antibody testing = 436 shekels.  Bring Passport and Credit Card
  3. HERZLIYA MEDICAL CENTER -- As of September 17, HMC is not yet offering testing.  However, Felix, the head of the International Department, said that he hopes in the next week or two, HMC COVID19 testing will be up and running.   


Ministry of Health FAQ (February 2021)

The Israel Ministry of Health maintains and updates a Frequently Asked Questions page in English here. The topics they are currently addressing are: 



Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions (last updated May 2020--answers may have changed)