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GAIA Scouts

Global Awareness Investigation and Action (GAIA) is an environmental research project involving elementary, middle, and high school students as scientific researchers and policy developers. Each school enrolled in the GAIA project focuses on solving a specific problem in its community through scientific research and sustainable program implementation.

GAIA students perform their investigations as if they were professional scientists. They identify an issue in their community, investigate it through scientific methods, share data with each other, and propose and jointly advocate solutions based on their research.

GAIA projects provide multiple avenues of opportunity for students to learn through our unique partnerships with universities, environmental agencies, technology and engineering companies. Research projects prepare students for future studies in scientific fields and careers in high-tech or other environmental science related businesses.

5th Grade Science Fair

Elementary School and Middle School students participate each spring in the Science Fair. The Science Fair is judged by American and Israeli scientists. The science fair projects are reflective of the important WBAIS places on STEM education and are a culmination of work inside and outside of class.


Can you write 50,000 words in 30 days? 

That was the original NanoWriMo challenge to writers of all ages when National Novel Writing Month began in 1999. It has evolved into a teaching tool and curriculum taught in 5,920 classrooms. 

We offer NanoWrimo as an opportunity for our students to enjoy creative writing and find the budding novelist in themselves.  

“This is a time in their lives when encouragement can really shape their futures in regards to writing. The younger they are when they discover that writing can actually be fun, the more likely they are to like writing when they get older. Giving your students a chance to write an actual “novel,” and to actually have fun doing it, can affect the way they write and how they feel about writing for the rest of their lives.” from the Young writer's Program of NaNoWriMo

After School Activities

The After School Activities are designed not only to be super fun, but also to develop key traits and values such as: self confidence, positive communication, an awareness of capabilities and teamwork.  There is a wide range of activities and more are often added throughout the year.

Some of them are:  Basketball, Dog Seminar, Soccer, Krav Maga, Arts and Crafts, Karate, Dance, Mad Lab, Table Tennis, Swimming, and the Academy of Magic.