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High School News

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Semester exams: History trivia

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What is Thanksgiving about? -- Talia Sugarman, Michael Low and Sammie Edery

And now... for some happy memories from MUN trips!!!

AIS does YMGE (MUN) in Budapest -- by Sammie Edery

AIS does MUN in Montreal

What REALLY happens at the Lab?
by Kyle Shishkin (text) & Sammie Edery (pics)

On the 9th of December, 2016 WBAIS National Honor Society hosted its first international lunch!International Lunches are a long standing tradition at our school and this year’s NHS team upheld and even improved the standard!

The purpose of the event was to bring students together and celebrate our international nature while raising money for one of the NHS-supported charity organizations. With a synthesis of both Hanukkah and Christmas meals, our guests got a chance to enjoy both cultures to cherry-picked holiday music.

Principal Jacover and Superintendent Downs also paid a visit to see the Thai-style wok pans put into action!

The lunch was followed by dancing and Ms. Sadovnik, dressed as an elf, taught the whole group a very different kind of lesson than Physics! (Talent show awaits!) On the whole, the students had a wonderful time while supporting a charity cause for the NHS!

In the upcoming International Lunch in January, the NHS is looking forward to include more students, increase the variety of food options, as well as maintain the jolly holiday spirit at AIS!