The mission of the Walworth Barbour American International School athletic department is to provide opportunities for all middle school and high school students to participate and experience the benefits of sports while being part of a team. Our sports program is inclusive and competitive.

Athletics as an extracurricular activity is an integral part of our students’ education and growth at WBAIS. Through participation in athletics, students learn skills and go through a process that challenges them physically, emotionally and socially. They learn to take responsibility for personal growth by developing integrity, commitment and perseverance.

Our department strongly believes that everyone is an athlete– therefore WBAIS does not hold tryouts or limit participation. Everyone is welcome to join the team and be part of the experience. Our teams compete locally and internationally.

WBAIS has a strong and dedicated coaching staff who are not only instructors of the sport, but teachers of character and development. They strive hard to make sure that each student has a challenging and fun experience during their respective sports season, while not losing sight of their academic mission.

Students develop values such as time management, goal setting, work ethic, leadership and sportsmanship. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, these values build character and prepare graduates for success beyond WBAIS. The most important lesson that we impart is to never give up.

WBAIS competes in the Israeli Association of Baseball, the Israeli Basketball Association and the Peace League. WBAIS also competes in international competitions as a member of the International Schools Athletic Association, ISAA, the most competitive league for international schools in Europe.