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Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel Logo
Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel Logo

Cultivating Inspired Learning

We will cultivate inspired learning that empowers students by using research-based instructional and assessment practices, promoting higher order thinking, developing students’ abilities as innovators, and providing students varied opportunities to demonstrate their learning.

Why Inspired Learning Matters

First Year Action Steps

  1. Create a task force to begin planning a process for addressing needs
  • Consult and learn from other international schools who have innovative programming
  • Examine facilities and ensure that they support our technology/innovation programming.
  1. Reinstitute Professional Learning Communities (PLC) structure centered on strategic initiatives.
  2. Expand course offerings in high school and redefine middle school exploratories prioritizing student choice.
  3. Develop school-wide assessment agreements with clarifications for each division and in alignment with growth mindset.
  • Use 15 fixes (O’Connor) to facilitate assessment conversations.
  1. Emphasize using different methods of assessment to demonstrate learning. Emphasize assessment tasks that involve creating.
  2. Develop a common language around assessment and higher order thinking.
  3. Establish peer to peer observations.