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Developing leadership and agency

We will develop students as leaders and change-makers by emphasizing student agency, encouraging risk-taking, providing opportunities for collaboration and communication, reinforcing the Profile of a Learner, and mentoring and modeling leadership ideals.

Why leadership and Agency Matter

First Year Action Steps

  1. Create a committee/task force with student input on this initiative.
  2. Reinstitute Professional Learning Communities (PLC) structure centered on strategic initiatives.
  3. Increase opportunities to engage with the Learner Profile and amplify the use of these characteristics. Encourage reflection and recognize growth. (ex: use in daily lessons, student reflection, student-led conferences, teacher reflection) 
  4. Further develop leadership and character development structures in all divisions.
  • EY/ES:  Create a version of the Profile of a Learner  (“I can” statements).   
  • MS:  Continue developing the MS advisory program with an emphasis on positive character traits and the learner profile, create a leadership elective for 8th graders.
  • HS:  Reinstitute student leadership team and create student-centered initiatives. Host leadership seminar for students who would like to further develop leadership skills.
  1. Explore, define, and articulate opportunities for service learning and community service
  2. Establish a list of community members/resources for service learning, internships, mentorships, and speakers to utilize in our programming (connection to local community).
  3. Develop and/or promote student created publications/media that share student initiatives.
  4. Create systems/opportunities for students to share and communicate with students in other grade levels through sharing their learning and creating partnerships.