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Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel Logo
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High School

“Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark TwainAuthor

Walworth Barbour American International School is a special place that provides fertile ground for students to grow and mature. Their experience here lasts a lifetime as attested to regularly by our graduates.  The high school experience at WBAIS incorporates the best of the American system of education with an international focus. It provides students with a global perspective while ensuring that the elements of a strong liberal arts education promotes an understanding of the world from multiple perspectives and modes of thinking.

Providing students with an option of over 15 Advanced Placement courses ensures that they have the opportunity to study a variety of subjects in depth and at the university level. In addition to the rigors of AP study, the program encourages and promotes study in the arts to a level that allows students each year to continue their university education majoring in fields such as studio art, musical drama, and photography.

Intellectual, social and emotional growth best describes the primary goals we have for students. WBAIS affords each student the maximum opportunity to develop close, personal relationships with each other, our faculty and the community as a whole. Two counselors ensure that all students receive what they need in terms of social, emotional and college support as they navigate adolescence and work toward their future goals.

Creativity, research, and critical thinking are infused into the academic program. Each year students write a major research paper. Potential graduates in their senior year are required to demonstrate their research, writing, and competencies associated with these skills through the course Senior Project, AP Seminar and AP Research.

The rich co-curricular program promotes the school as the focal point for student life after classes. Varsity teams in ten sports, a Model United Nations program that regularly attracts almost a third of the student body, and GAIA, a club with a focus on research in environmental issues attract the largest number of students. Other opportunities like the Robotics team and Student Leadership, regularly attract students, engaging them in structured activities with a specific focus.

It is expected that high school students will devote some of their time toward the help or betterment of others. Whether within the school or the many opportunities outside the school, WBAIS students are regularly and actively engaged in service.

A great school, perfect weather, and a dynamic country that places great importance on the needs of children makes living and learning here an unforgettable experience.

High School Profile

View the official High School profile of the Walworth Barbour American International School.

It includes important statistics about the High School curriculum, standardized tests results and college matriculation.

HS Course Descriptions


WBAIS offers the best that an American high school has to offer including a wide variety of Advanced Placement courses.

Read about the breadth of courses that WBAIS offers its students.

The High SchoolProgram


High School students engage in various learning experiences throughout the year, including courses in the disciplines of English, History, Modern Languages, Math, Science, Physical Education and Health, Fine Arts and the Performing Arts. We also have a wide array of AP Courses for our students to enroll, from AP Computer Science to AP Seminar: Citizens and States.




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Our High School has a great breadth of programs for students to join in, build relationships, have unique experiences, and establish a sense of belonging. We strive to achieve this through a variety of opportunities, but some include our Week Without Walls Experiences, Student Leadership, our Buddy Program and New Student Orientation. Come contribute, and help us create new opportunities!





We are proud that all High School students take part in an Advisory Group, called Project Wayfinder. In these groups, we support students in building crucial habits of learning, and being, as well as social and emotional competencies. The program is strongly rooted in student input and feedback, so we can be both proactive and reactive in supporting our students.




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Hallmark Programs

At WBAIS, HS students go beyond the classroom to choose from a robust athletics program, which competes domestically and internationally, as well as our thriving Model United Nations (MUN), and  Global Awareness, Investigation, and Action (GAIA) programs.  We are proud of our Genius Bar, Robotics Club, Drama Productions, School Band, String Quartet, Choir Program, our Queer Straight Alliance (QSA), and  more. We encourage students to  start something new that meets the needs of our community.