The WBAIS English Language Learners’ (ELL) program is designed to help all students achieve full proficiency in English, which is vital for their long-term social and academic success. WBAIS provides a safe environment for students to learn by providing a challenging, comprehensive academic English language program while affirming the cultural and linguistic diversity of our students. WBAIS teachers recognize that language acquisition is a long-term process that requires instruction through listening, speaking, reading multi cultural texts and writing tasks across all curricula areas. Students' educational background, first language knowledge, their learning and cognitive style together with motivation and personality all influence the rate of acquisition. With interdisciplinary teamwork and a shared commitment, the ELL Department strives to advance the literacy practices of every English language learner.

ELL students are identified and evaluated when they apply to WBAIS. They are assigned a proficiency level, then special services are provided for them in order to develop their language skills necessary to be successful in their program of studies. ELL instruction focuses on oral communication, expanding vocabulary, increasing reading comprehension, writing skills, and learning strategies. When an ELL student masters appropriate grade level content and demonstrates an advanced level of English proficiency, they are fully integrated into the mainstream classes.