September News

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MS: Hebrew Classes Celebrate Holidays

MS: Hebrew Classes Create Holiday Videos
by Drama and Hebrew Teachers

​The Middle School Hebrew Classes worked to create unique and entertaining holiday videos. The students formed groups and were assigned a project to make a video that would teach our community about each of the holidays in a fun way. Ms. Liran Yaacobi, Drama Teacher, working side by side with the Hebrew Teachers, Ms. Bat-chen Levi, Ms. Nicole Chernick, and Ms. Merav Gilboa assisted the students. Bravo Everyone!

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Why Maintaining a Family's Mother Tongue is Important

by Dr. Christine Wilson

 As a school community we believe that learning a new language and maintaining a mother tongue matters.  Learning or maintaining a language  is important because of personal, social, intellectual, and economic reasons as well.  Strengthening cultural and family ties is part of what happens when a family speaks in a mother tongue. 

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ES: Tech Workshops Introduce Staff to Amazing Apps

MS: Week Without Walls

by Holly Gardner and MS students

In September, the Middle School went on three fun-filled trips: Grade 6 went south to Masada, while Grades 7 and 8 went to northern Israel.

When they returned, they wrote articles and put together slide shows of their experiences which they are sharing with you here.

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HS: Super Crisis Day

by Aviva Rosensweig

Super Crisis Day was a five hour simulation that the Model United Nations club took part in on September 27th.

Students went back in time to 1913 and looked at all the factors that came into play when the Suffragette movement tried different avenues to get women the right to vote. The day was challenging, frenetic, and a great deal of fun.

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ES: Growth Mindset in Grade 3

by Susie Trifman

In Third Grade, we also know that sometimes it can take a very long time to become an expert at something that we aren’t yet good at. In fact, scientists have proven that the only way to learn and get smarter is to attempt something new and work really, really hard at it... even if you make a lot of mistakes.

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MS: Exploratory: Debate, Discussion and Topics of Interest

HS: Chorus Commemorates 9/11

ES: Library Lunches

by Ilana Locker

Library lunches are about reading and so much more. Grades 4-5 made friendship bracelets, and grades 1-3 made drawings and puppets.

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MS: The Honor Choir and the Men's Choir

by Aviva Rosensweig with Kate Belshe

Our middle school students are breaking into song. The Honor Choir is performing in Chennai, India at the AMIS Festival.  Here at WBAIS, a men's choir composed of fathers, sons, relatives, and friends are rehearsing to perform at the October Fall Concert.

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HS: Rocket Science