The WBAIS School Board comprises seven members, four of whom are required to be affiliated with the US Embassy and three members represent other elements of the school community. One of the seven board seats may be filled by a person who is neither a parent nor a guardian of a registered AIS student. The School Board meets regularly and has general policy-making authority, with very specific responsibilities for the financial planning of the school.

Candidate Board Members representing the American Embassy shall be selected by appointment by the US Ambassador or his/her designee. Candidate Board Members representing the Community shall be selected by appointment by the existing School Board.

Vacancies that arise in the membership of the School Board between elections or appointments will be filled by majority vote of the School Board on the candidate nominated by the chairman or chairman pro-tem.

The School Board's major responsibilities are in the areas of finances and strategic planning including:

  1. Approving a detailed budget and any budget modifications.
  2. Hiring of the Head of School.
  3. Supporting role in negotiating the teacher's contract.
  4. Planning and conception of all major capital improvements in the school.