October News

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Come and See the Art of First Grade

HS: Hockey Marathon Lives Up to its Reputation

Halloween: Another Spooktacular Event!

by Ilona Rafaelska-Metcalf

For the second time in a row, Emily Pritchett and Katie Delaney-Graves took on the responsibility of co-chairing the biggest PTA event of the year. After the huge success of the 2016 event, expectations were high and boy, did they deliver!

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MS: Grade 8 Visits the Weizmann Institute

ES: Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions: QFT in Grade 4

Parent Education Program: Welcome to Your Child's Brain

Project GAIA in Greece

HS: Tom Robinson is On Trial in the 9th Grade

MS: Dialogue in the Dark

HS: Science Display Case Exhibits Student Work on Multicellular Organisms

HS: The WBAIS Genius Bar Wants to Help You!

by Aviva Rosensweig with Chris Panna

According to their Mission Statement, the Genius Bar aims to serve the school community “by providing solutions and developing technology skills in students, teachers, and parents. We believe in giving people the tools to improve their experience today and navigate the changing world of tomorrow.”

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MS: Grade 6 Visits Beit Guvrin

GAIAjr. Makes A Difference

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