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Library Read Week

Library Read  Week: Photo Albums
by Ilana Locker

Library Read Week took place at the end of October and beginning of November. The theme was "Unleash your story!" and our activities all had something to do with storytelling, the power of reading, and finding out more about each other and ourselves.

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Fall ISSTs

Fall ISST 2017
by Doron Kramer

Our 5 teams returned this week from what was another meaningful athletic and educational experience, after competing in ISST in London, Paris, Athens and Brussels. It was great to see how sports, once again, was the extension and completion of education and academics, and lessons learned on the field were as important as in the classroom, leadership opportunities taken, and the experiences athletes went through were not only memory makers but also character builders. 

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Defeat is only Temporary

Defeat is only Temporary
by Luc Wilson

For 82 days, 19 students committed themselves to an intense regimen of football training and matches with an ultimate goal of victory at the International Schools Sports Tournament (ISST). Under the leadership of Daniel Rebuck and Dudley Rosenblatt, the boys football team of WBAIS were transformed from a collective of individuals into a cohesive and competent squadron. Despite a majority holding minute experience in the sport, the AIS motto that “everyone's an athlete” maintains its validation, and did not discourage our team.

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A High Note All the Way

A High Note All the Way
by Gwyneth Martin

The ISST (International Schools Sports Tournament)  trip did not start at 5:00 in the morning going to the airport. No, the real start was the first practice of the season. Every practice brought us one step closer to our goal, the ISST in Paris.  As a whole, the cross country team went to the ISSTs at their best. The runners have been committed in giving their 110% at every practice and race. 

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The Hour of Code at WBAIS

The Hour of Code
by Orlee Medallion

This month WBAIS joined over 100 million students worldwide in celebrating the Hour of Code. As part of Computer Science and Education Week, the Hour of Code is a week-long, global event which is designed to demystify “code” and show that anyone can learn the basics to be a maker, a creator, or an innovator.

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"Show Up for Art" - PreK -Grade 12 Student Art

ES: PreK-Grade 2 Come Together for an Assembly

MS: ASMA Math Contest

ASMA Contest November 9th
by Joanne Ruderman

AIS Middle School participated in their second ASMA contest math on November 9th. These contests provide students with an opportunity to compete nationally with other high ability students across the world.

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HS: Week WIthout Walls

Week Without Walls is a yearly tradition that takes high school students out of the AIS campus into other worlds and experiences that can only be had outside of the classroom. This year, students chose between three trips: Northern Exposure, Southern Exposure, and a concentration on Art.

by Nura Rafat

The art trip was particularly memorable for the twenty girls and four teachers who went on it. Overall, the trip was a wonderful experience that gave everyone the chance to experience Israel in another way than we are used to. 

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The Art Trip Photo Album can be seen HERE

WWW: Israel, South and North

View the Southern Exposure photo album HERE.

WWW: Northern Exposure

View the Northern Exposure photo album HERE.

MS: Hockey Marathon 2017

MS Hockey Marathon
by Holly Gardner

On Friday, December 8, the Middle School had their annual Hockey Marathon. The students were all put onto teams and played 12 hours of hockey. In the end, the Blue Team won, but what really mattered was the teamwork, camaraderie and fun that was evident throughout the day.

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ES: Fifth Grade Memoir Project

by Aviva Rosensweig

Some of the fifth graders allowed me to interview them about their memoirs.  I videotaped them, and created a YouTube playlist of these videos.  The students read a part of their memoir aloud, and comment on their work and the project.

Click HERE to access the Youtube Playlist shown below. And thanks to all the fifth graders who shared their work with me! 

HS: Model United Nations Trips to the USA and to Hungary

In November 2017, Model United Nations students attended two international conferences sponsored by Ivy League universities The first was BUSUN at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and the second was YMGE in Budapest, Hungary.

See the BUSUN Photo Album HERE,

See the YMGE Photo Album HERE.

HS: GAIA Trip to the Czech Republic

HS: GAIA trip to the Czech Republic
by Jamie Margolis

Allowing students a depth and breadth of experiences, as so many trip organizers in education do, is an attempt to get them see and perhaps better understand the world that they live in.  It is the friendships they make along the way, the ability to better cope with frustration, victory, bitter cold winds, or early morning wake-up calls.  

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See Mr. Margolis beautiful photos of the trip HERE.

NHS Fundraiser

HS: Interactive College-Level Senior Classes

Past and Future in Senior Social Studies Classes
by Sharna Marcus

Seniors enrolled in social studies classes at AIS are involved in robust studies. AP European, Middle Eastern History, and 20th Century courses offer not only valuable lessons in academic writing, reading, and analysis, but also engage students at a level that's both college level (AP), preparatory and interactive. 

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HS: 9th Graders Engage in ISearch Project

HS: 9th Grade iSearch Project
by Marina Brodsky

In November, 9th-graders from Johanna's classes started working on iSearch project.  Students work on personal inquiries to develop into insightful and strategic researchers

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ES: Modern Language Classes produce Multilingual Videos

MS/HS Holiday Concert Brings in the Season with Spirit

HS: Robotics--a 21st Century Way of Learning