Jerusalem American International School

JAIS, our sister campus in Jerusalem, is an independent, secular, coeducational school serving students in preschool through eighth grade which provides a rigorous American-international education in a culturally diverse and student-centered environment.

Why choose JAIS?

Truly International: 90% of JAIS students are from outside of Israel, giving the community a truly international student body. Our families come from a range of professional backgrounds, consulates, NGOs, news organizations and international businesses to name a few.

Valuing Our Diversity: JAIS has students from over 23 countries around the world. It is a learning environment unlike any other. While a secular school, JAIS cherishes the students’ desire to honor all cultures, creating a unique environment of mutual understanding and respect. Our community’s strength resides in the unity of such diversity.

Our Academic Potential & Student Success: We promote a holistic approach across the curriculum in an environment where high quality teaching and learning takes place and which supports each child in achieving his or her full potential. Our students consistently score in the top percentiles on standardized testing (NWEA Measures of Academic Progress – MAP) when compared with norm groups from the USA.

Our Student-Centered Approach: JAIS motivates students to learn through student-engagement. We teach independence, critical thinking skills, perseverance, self-reflection and self-assessment so our students are better prepared for college and life.

Our Warm Welcoming Family-like Community: JAIS provides a safe, welcoming, secure and stimulating environment in which positive self-esteem, trusting relationships and personal growth are valued.

Teaching the Whole Student: We encourage active, creative and independent learning for all students. We believe that the critical components of a student’s development include social, emotional, physical, academic, and non-academic pursuits. We offer extensive programs in art, music, modern language, and computer technology in order to enrich our students’ experiences and equip them with essential critical thinking and 21st century skills needed for the world today.

Hands-on Experiential Learning: We believe that students learn best in an environment that gives them authentic experiences. Therefore, whenever possible we take students off campus on field studies, where they encounter the real world and all it has to offer.

Our Dedicated and Experienced International Teaching Staff: Our faculty of highly qualified internationally experienced educators incorporate the best practices on a daily basis. For more information about our faculty, click here.

Our Focus on Community Service: JAIS believes in giving back to our community through service projects. Part of giving our children a global education means opening their eyes to how they can contribute actively to society. Our core belief is that through these experiences, we all benefit with increased awareness, expansion of our horizons and building relationships outside our community. For more information about community service projects at JAIS, click here.

Our After School Activities Program: Our ASA program offers an opportunity for growth and development in non-academic realms. Our after school program offers a combination of recreational and educational activities such as tennis, yoga, ceramic painting, chess, origami, soccer, mosaics, animation and game design, iPad coding, Lego robotics, Capoeira, and hip hop dance. For more information about our ASA program, click here.

Our Learning Support and ELL programs: JAIS provides support for a wide range of learners to excel in the classroom. Students with learning difficulties receive in and out of class support from learning specialists. Students who are English language learners receive specialized instruction that builds their receptive and expressive language skills. Through individual or small group work, students strengthen the skills necessary for academic success.

For More Information
JAIS operates a separate admissions process and offers need-based financial aid. We welcome applications from students of all nationalities and backgrounds. Students applying for admission shall be considered on an individual basis.
Admission to JAIS is contingent upon determination by school officials that students can meet our academic and behavioral standards, and that JAIS will be able to meet any special needs of the student. Admissions will be finalized after an interview with the student and family and a review of previous school records and admissions testing. For further information or to apply, click here.