August News

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Summer construction

New Learning Spaces on Campus

Aviva Rosensweig

Buildings have footprints -- that is, the space the building takes up when seen from an aerial view.  Changing that footprint is a time consuming venture, requiring municipal permits and alot of bureaucratic hassle.  So when a school is faced with the task of increasing its learning spaces in a meaningful and aesthetic way, while leaving its footprint unchanged, the challenge is great.  Magic is needed.

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The "Before" Slideshow

The "After" Slideshow

Jr. Seminar: Citizens and States

Introducing: Junior Seminar -- Citizens and States

Introducing: Junior Seminar: Citizens and States
Abby Chill

This year the HS Social Studies Department is excited and proud to be offering Junior Seminar: Citizens and States to all eleventh graders.  This course is inspired and informed by the College Board AP course entitled Junior Seminar, and will be offered on both a regular and AP level.

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MS: Empowerment & Empathy

MS: Empowerment, Kindness, and Courtesy

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Professional Development

Engagement, Technology, Assessment

Abby Chill

“This was my best  “back to school” orientation in all my years at WBAIS”.  This comment by a MS teacher was offered after participating in two days of Professional Development (Aug. 10-11) during which members of the faculty presented twenty-three different workshop sessions to colleagues on hot topics at our school.

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ES: First week, new friends

ES: First week, new friends

Welcome back to school
Shary Lyssy Marshall

We've had a wonderful first seven days of  the school year!  New students have begun to make connections and returning students have had opportunities to take the lead in supporting our new friends. 

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Spanish Connections

Making Connections in Spanish

Holly Gardner and Naomi Faszczyk

Like most of our Middle School classes, Spanish began the year by making connections. The students participated in activities and games that helped them get to know each other and develop community. In Spanish it's called "la conexión humana".

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After School Athletics

Everyone is an Athlete

Library News

Library Classes Begin

HS Science Mini-Museum

HS Science Mini-Museum

Science Mini-Museum
Nili Sadovnik

Welcome back!

Visit our science display case in the high school corridor featuring "The Way We Were..." - mini museum section of old science equipment we have been saving from long time ago. 

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Preschool: Building Community

Preschool Building Community

Maaian Zelman

On Monday, when many of you came here, you were new to each other and to this place.  Some children looked forward to returning to a familiar place. Others had mixed feelings: excitement, nervousness, curiosity and wonder. After two weeks of thoughtful planning and preparation, our team was excited to launch a new year of exploration and to deepen our communal relationships. We were new, a little wary, and now we are sharing our personal lives, learning to trust, caring about this new community we are becoming. We have begun creating the foundation for this year and shaping each others’ lives. We invite you to view beautiful photos of our first days together by clicking here.

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