Message from the Head of School

It is an honor for me to welcome you to our community. WBAIS has a long history (we were established in 1958) of providing an environment that seeks to integrate, educate, and meet the unique needs of international young people and their families. We accomplish this by incorporating the best of what Israel and the American system of education has to offer, and what research tells us about creating the best environment to promote child development.

In the realm of international schools, WBAIS Israel has one of the most stable and experienced faculties. Comprised of internationally recruited teachers who come from abroad (and tend to stay in Israel), and anchored by local American-born and US trained faculty who have made Israel their home, our teachers are at the heart of our success. Ultimately it is the teacher of your child who will have the greatest impact on his or her experience, development, and success as a student. We devote a significant amount of our resources toward recruiting and keeping the best teachers we can find world-wide.

In today’s world (and from what we can anticipate about the future), educated people will need a variety of skills and competencies to be successful contributors to society. The attributes listed below are what our teachers and leaders have consistently worked to model and engender in every AIS student so that s/he may evolve into a life-long learner. Whether a student is with us for one or 15 years, we help them to become:

  • Responsible and Compassionate Citizens
  • Resilient, Persistent, and Adaptable Achievers
  • Critical and Creative Thinkers
  • Innovative Problem Solvers
  • Effective Collaborators
  • Skillful Communicators
  • Insightful and Strategic Researchers

Engaging parents in our community has been a critical component in leveraging the full benefits of an international experience and promoting a culture that supports expatriates as they live a life away from their natural home environments. From membership in the School Board, to active participation in the PTA, parents find stimulating ways to be involved. They are the architects of such events as International Day, Earth Day, and our Halloween extravaganza; they find ways to support other events and initiatives that happen throughout the year. Parents are also actively partnering with the rest of the school community to further strategies to help WBAIS become more ecologically sensitive to the environment,

I invite you to join us for parent events with an eye toward finding ways that you can participate in and contribute to our vibrant community.

Dr. Devin Pratt

Head of School