October News

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Come and See the Art of First Grade

A First Grade Art Epiphany
by Mike Downs

Have an epiphany!  Come and see the artwork of the first grade in the office of the Head of School.

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HS: Hockey Marathon Lives Up to its Reputation

by Aviva Rosensweig with Doron Kramer

Hockey Marathon, a WBAIS hallmark event and tradition, took place on October 6-7, and was, as usual, a wonderful sports and bonding event.

Halloween: Another Spooktacular Event!

by Ilona Rafaelska-Metcalf

For the second time in a row, Emily Pritchett and Katie Delaney-Graves took on the responsibility of co-chairing the biggest PTA event of the year. After the huge success of the 2016 event, expectations were high and boy, did they deliver!

MS: Grade 8 Visits the Weizmann Institute

by Holly Gardner

On Thursday, October 19th, the Grade 8s traveled to the Weizmann Institute to take part in science labs and explore the Clore Garden of Science.

ES: Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions: QFT in Grade 4

by Aviva Rosensweig, with Caron Hertz and Malachi Handler

QFT stands for Question Formulation Technique, and it is one of the methods used by 4th grade teachers Caron Hertz and Malachi Handler to engage their students.

Parent Education Program: Welcome to Your Child's Brain

by Julie Fisher

Dr. Aviv gave a presentation entitled Welcome to Your Child's Brain and Behavior Development: A User's Guide for Parents.

Project GAIA in Greece

by Dr. Stuart Fleischer

Our efforts last year to team up with the Attica Zoo in Athens (which included a WBAIS delegation that presented our GAIA model of action) has born fruit.

HS: Tom Robinson is On Trial in the 9th Grade

Aviva Rosensweig

In Johanna Salem's 9th grade English class, Tom Robinson, a black field hand from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, is on trial.  What will the verdict be?

MS: Dialogue in the Dark

by Holly Gardner

On Thursday,October 19, Grade 7 traveled to the Holon Children's Museum to experience Dialogue in the Dark.

HS: Science Display Case Exhibits Student Work on Multicellular Organisms

by Nili Sadovnik

Students in the Biology classes  were asked to develop a model that can be used to illustrate how the interaction between systems provides specific functions in multicellular organisms.

HS: The WBAIS Genius Bar Wants to Help You!

by Aviva Rosensweig with Chris Panna

According to their Mission Statement, the Genius Bar aims to serve the school community “by providing solutions and developing technology skills in students, teachers, and parents. We believe in giving people the tools to improve their experience today and navigate the changing world of tomorrow.”

MS: Grade 6 Visits Beit Guvrin

by Holly Gardner

On Thursday, October 19, Grade 6 went to Beit Guvrin and helped unearth some archaeological artifacts

GAIAjr. Makes A Difference

by Kelly Shappell

On Sunday, we had the Endangered Species Workshop. We joined our partner school, Kfar HaYarok, and we planted endangered seeds in our nature reserve.

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